Rice paper

Goi ca haring (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi ca herring| Fish salad herring

Ingredients (about 12 rolls) 400 g of pickled herring (6 pieces), preferably without artificial sweeteners and preservatives. They are less sour. 200 g of oxheart cabbage (amount to taste), cut into strips coriander leaves, chopped or cut into strips mint leaves, chopped or cut into strips chilli, cut into julienne […]

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Goi cuon (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi cuon | Fresh spring rolls

Basics hot water from kettle (also standby to refresh) rice paper 22 cm (best and most used format) rice noodles, cooked according to instructions and let it cool garnish basis: coriander, mint, Thai basil, (mixed) lettuce, cucumber extra garnish to taste: green mango, sour apple such as Granny Smith, star […]

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Ca hap (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Ca hap | Steamed fish

Ingredients 1 kg of sea bass, cleaned and intestines removed (by the fishmonger) rice vermicelli, according to instructions basic fish dipping sauce Nuoc cham oil steamer rice paper Garnish spring onion oil Mo hanh fresh herbs and vegetables to taste: coriander, mint, dill, mixed lettuce, cucumber Preparation Create two notches […]

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Goi ca (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi ca | Fish salad

IngredientsThe amount of this recipe is served well for 1-4 people, depending on whether it is used as lunch, starter or main course. 1 kilo sea bass, filleted by the fishmonger, skin removed and keep head and bone (makes about ½ pounds fillet). You can omit the fish head if […]

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Banh xeo (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Banh xeo | Sizzling pancakes

Ingredients (about 12 pancakes)This recipe includes shrimp, pork belly and squid, but you can fry by adding and omitting meat to the taste and preference of the eater. Sometimes coconut milk is used in the batter and mung beans are added. My mother does not use coconut milk, which she […]

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Bo bia (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Bo bia | Popiah fresh spring rolls

Ingredients(about 8 – 10 spring rolls) 4 lap xuong sausages handful dried shrimps 2 eggs 1 carrot, julienned 1 jicama or cassava, peeled and julienned Thai basil (and/or lettuce to taste) rice paper fish sauce salt ground pepper oil Dipping sauces hoisin dipping sauce basic fish sauce dipping Preparation Stir-fry […]

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Goi ca trich (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi ca trich | Sardin salad

Ingredients 1 kilo of fresh sardines (small ones) 3-5 tbsp vinegar or lemon juice (depending on preference rawness and amount of acid to taste) 1 red chili 1 garlic clove 1 small onion, thinly sliced fresh herbs to taste: mint, coriander, Thai basil, Vietnamese coriander / Rau ram, etc. Any […]

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Tom nuong (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Tom nuong | Grilled gambas

Ingredients 500 g large tiger prawns, unpeeled 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 8 dried chilis (amount to taste) 2 garlic cloves, smashed 4 spring onions, chopped (with the green stalks) lemon, in wedges (optional) oil Dipping sauce & Dressing basic fish dipping sauce Nuoc cham Garnish suggestions fresh herbs […]

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