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Rijstnoedels (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Noodles and vermicelli

Noodle soups are among the specialties of Vietnamese cuisine, each of which requires a different type of noodle. There are stir-fries, salads, fondues and rice dishes which uses noodles. Flat and round shapes, large and small sizes. The dishes get, depending on the type of the noodle, the words Bun, […]

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Restaurant in Parijs (foto: Kim Le Cao © Pho Vietnam)

Vietnam in Paris

The former Tonkin (north), Annam (center) and Cochin (south) are the current Vietnam. From 1887 to 1954 Vietnam with Cambodia and Laos belonged to the French colony of Indochina. French colonization had great influence on Vietnam. World War I During World War I (1914-1918) hundreds of thousands of so-called Indo-Chinese […]

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Rijstpapiermaker (foto: Kim Le Cao © Pho Vietnam)

Rice paper Banh trang

“The fresh spring rolls are the glory of the Vietnamese kitchen”Johannes van Dam // Dutch culinary reviewer One of the best and tastiest inventions of Vietnamese cuisine is rice paper, made to roll Goi cuon. Goi means salad, and cuon to role or roll(s). These fresh spring, summer, salad or […]

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Vissausvaten op de Cat Ba markt (foto: Binh Giang/Public domain)

Fish sauce Nuoc mam

Fish sauce, nuoc mam, serves the entire Vietnamese cuisine and is sold in glass and plastic bottles. Fish sauce is considered typical Asian but the Romans and Greeks used this flavor enhancer exuberantly called garum. Garum is nothing but fish water that is extracted from salted fish. In Asian cuisine […]

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Vietnamese loempia's (foto: Kim Le Cao © Pho Vietnam)

This is not a spring roll

In the Netherlands the Vietnamese cuisine was introduced by the fried Vietnamese spring rolls, sold at the mobile stalls at markets, fairs and shopping malls. In the 1980s, selling Vietnamese spring rolls were for many Vietnamese in the Netherlands, a way to start a business and make money. These spring roll stalls still exist. […]

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Uithangbord in Nha Trang (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

The Vietnamese language

“Cơm cha, áo mẹ, chữ thầy. Nghĩ sao cho bõ những ngày ước ao” Thus sounded the first sentences of proverbs that I had to memorize for the Vietnamese language lessons. When I was eight, my father taught me and my older brother and sister Vietnamese. He felt that we […]

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