If you’re in Spain, you’d better adapt to the Spanish rhythm fast. In summer, the heat will paralyze you, and many restaurants and stores will close in the early afternoon. You may dine late, because the restaurants won’t be open until 8.30 pm. But you get a lot in return. There is much to see and the food in Spain is truly exquisite. Because of the tapas or pintxos it is a joyful thing to look for food in Spain.

Tapas (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Spain is a beautiful country with a fascinating history. The country offers sea, beach, culture, good weather and good food. In the north you will find the famous Basque cuisine and in the south the Moorish cultural and culinary influences are visible. Besides the Moors, the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians and Jewish have their influence on Spanish cuisine. With the discovery of America, the New World brought many new nourishment along.

Spanish cuisine belongs to the Mediterranean cuisine. A lot of olive oil, garlic, onion, bay leaf, parsley, pepper, paprika and tomatoes are used. Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world and a major user of the product. Spaniards have a preference for fresh and quality, therefore their kitchen is known as a healthy cuisine. At diner bread is often used. Each region of Spain has its own specialty.

Do not start too complicated early in the morning. Just a little sweet bread, churros or tostada with coffee con leche at breakfast, to eat your heart out at 2 pm lunchtime. The tapas or pintxos at lunch are amazing, there is so much choice. Many pickled vegetables and an abundant supply of fish, squid in various shapes and sizes and meat in the most traditional ways prepared. So many specialities that are all served mouthwatering, you want to try them all. Something that is easy to do, because tapas are little snacks for a small price. You often get a free tapas with your drink. Don’t you understand all Spanish words on the menu or can’t you quite decipher what tapas are offered at the counter? No problem, try to order unknown snacks, I’m sure your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised several times.

Learn a few culinary Spanish words that almost always make you happy. My happy words were chipirones, à la plancha, vinagre, rabo de toro, boquerones, berenjena and solomillo. Reviews consult is fun and sometimes useful, but experience shows that following your sense is the best way to choose. Sometimes you think you walk in a simple eatery but then you get the most wonderful dishes served continuously one after another. While the so-called top three quotations from different websites can disappoint a lot. Just follow your eyes and curiosity, Spanish food will do the rest.