Goi xoai xanh (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi xoai xanh | Green mango salad

Green mango has a sharp fruity sour and gives a tropical taste sensation. Mango combines well with dried squid or shrimp. Goi xoai xanh is especially popular with beer drinkers and the salad is often eaten at the Vietnamese drink gathering nhau. I almost always use the ready-to-eat dried squid, […]

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Cua hap bia (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Cua hap bia | Crab steamed in beer

In Vietnamese cookbooks there are always dishes with crab. In Vietnamese cuisine crab is also a delicacy and a pleasant way of eating to see everyone enjoy. How much time and dirty clothes it sometimes takes to prepare and eat crab, it is always worth the effort. This is a […]

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So diep mo hanh (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

So Diep Mo Hanh | Scallops with spring onions

Scallops are multifunctional. Their sweet and nutty flavor needs actually very little. You can fry, braise or cook them with various vegetables, but on their own they are the best. You can get fresh scallops, but most supermarkets and Asian groceries sell frozen scallops which taste good too. The scallops […]

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Cua rang me (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Cua rang me | Crab with tamarind

It pays to prepare crab, because it is incredibly tasty and multi-applicable. You can use crab in salads, soups and specialties, but even in its simplest form by steaming or boiling crab is a true delicacy. This tamarind crab is delicious with white rice and is also eaten as a […]

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Goi tom (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Goi tom | Shrimp salad

This is a classic recipe, thanks to the beautiful color palette it is often served at festivities. Vietnamese are fond of fat and tender meat, so they are more likely to choose pork belly than pork tenderloin. You can make this dish by deleting and adding all the way to […]

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Cha gio met Chinese vel (foto: Kim Le Cao © Pho Vietnam)

Cha gio | Vietnamese fried spring rolls

The Netherlands was first introduced to the Vietnamese cuisine through the so-called Vietnamese fried spring rolls. They are delicious but not ‘really’ Vietnamese. The ‘real’ Vietnamese fried spring rolls are made with rice paper. View the article This is not a spring roll for the story behind the Vietnamese spring […]

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