Rice table

Com chien trung (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Com chien trung | Fried rice with eggs

I’ve never really loved nasi and can not give a clear explanation for that. In various Asian cuisines (Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese) there are variations of fried rice. I do not know whether you can talk about the ‘Vietnamese nasi’, but if there is one I can only think about […]

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Ga kho gung (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Ga kho gung | Caramel ginger chicken

Once a month we gather with the whole family in the family home. Then my mother would show off on culinary field. For her that would be Vietnamese pancakes Banh xeo, a noodle soup such as Pho or rice paper fondue as Bo nhung dam. Specialties that needs lot of […]

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Canh ngot thit bam (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Canh ngot thit bam | Soup with minced meat

This is a basic soup to accompany a rice table. You can choose different types of Chinese leafy vegetables such as bok choy, choisam, kai lan, Chinese cabbage, etc. The light and mild soup is served in a large bowl and eaten in between to neutralize the different flavors of […]

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Ot nhoi thit (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Ot ngot nhoi thit | Stuffed peppers

Until recently, I did not know what the Vietnamese word was voor paprika. My mother always called it ‘paplikà’. The ordinary paprika is called Ot Ngot (‘sweet pepper’), Ot chuong (‘bell pepper’) or Ot den long (‘Chinese lantern pepper’), and sweet peppers are called Ot ca, which literally means ‘tomato […]

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Tom rim (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Tom rim | Caramel shrimps

There are several additions and techniques possible with this dish. The ingredients are a combination of fish sauce, sugar, salt, ground pepper and oyster sauce, but the fish sauce, salt and the oyster sauce can be omitted to taste. Additionally, you can choose to vaporize the sauce in a sticky […]

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Cai sot dau hao (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Cai sot dau hao | Vegetables in oyster sauce

I know this dish from Chinese (dim sum) restaurants and Vietnamese weddings. This simply prepared vegetable is often eaten with a rice table alongside meat or fried fish. Especially when meat is lightly caramelized, such as Xa xiu, it makes a wonderful combination with this vegetable dish. Healthy and full […]

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Inktvisgerechten (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Muc xao, Goi muc & Muc kho | Squid dishes

Many people find the rubbery texture and the tentacles of octopus repulsive and they won’t dare to eat is. That is a great shame, because you can find many ways to prepare squid. Stir-frying, grilling, caramelizing, steaming, drying, it’s all possible with squid. With each cooking technique the squid gets […]

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