Canh ca chua (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Canh ca chua | Sour fish or prawn soup

IngredientsFor the Vietnamese style use fish steaks (preferably with fish head) and for convenience just cod fillet. ½ kilo steaks of firm white fish (pike perch, sea bass, catfish), cod fillet or king prawns (peeled or unpeeled to taste); or both fish and prawns 120 ml tamarind or 4 tbsp […]

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Sup mang cua (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Sup mang cua | Asparagus crab soup

Ingredients fresh crabs, cleaned 1 jar or canned white asparagus, 350 grams cornstarch, 2 tablespoons mixed with 4 tablespoons water egg white of 2 eggs, beaten spring onions, sliced cilantro, chopped or torn ground black pepper Chicken brothCook the chicken to taste or when lack of time use broth cubes. […]

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