Ca ri ga (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Ca ri ga | Chicken curry

Ingredients 1 onion, in wedges 3 stalks lemongrass, white parts only and bruised 500 g chicken thighs, cut into about 3 pieces 1 tbsp turmeric 1 tbsp sugar ½ tbsp salt 200 ml coconut milk water 1 carrot, big slices 2 sweet potatoes, quartered oil Onion sambal (optional)This sambal garnish […]

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Bo kho (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Bo kho | Beef carrot stew

Ingredients 1 k beef (stew, tender, juicy and fat), cut into 2½ cm (a few pieces of oxtail or beef shank for connoseurs) 2 winter carrots, halved and then cross into large slices 4 small potatoes into wedges (optional), served with noodles I leave the potatoes out 2 stalks lemongrass, […]

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Bo nhung dam (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Bo nhung dam | Beef vinegar fondue

Ingredients 300 g beef, such as tenderloin, thinly sliced 250 g shrimp, halved (optional) 250 g squid, sliced (optional) rice vermicelli, cooked according to instructions rice paper vegetables to taste: mint, Thai basil, coriander, cucumber, mixed salad, green mango (or sour apple, such as Granny Smiths), star fruit (carambola), etc. […]

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Bun rieu (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Bun rieu | Crab and shrimp noodle soup

Ingredients 2 l chicken stock (homemade or bouillon cubes) 500 g of rice vermicelli, according to instructions 6 spring onions, white only, cut into 2 cm 1 onion, cut into wedges 4 tomatoes, coarsely chopped 3 tbsp tomato puree 1 tbsp shrimp paste or less Shrimp-crab mixture 175 g of […]

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Een kom Pho (foto: Pho Vietnam © Kim Le Cao)

Pho, Vietnam in a bowl

Ingredients Pho BoAlthough the basis for Pho Bo is beef, a whole chicken is often added for a more powerful broth, but only beef is fine too. For an intrinsic taste a long cooking process is required. Given the preparations and numerous additions, it is best to make the broth […]

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Bun Cha Ha Noi | Grilled Patties from Hanoi

Minced pattiesFor an easy and fast preparation, use a disposable barbecue. 300 g pork steak and 200 g pork belly (proportion of lean and fat meat to taste) 1 tbsp sugar 2½ tbsp fish sauce 1 tsp black pepper 2 tbsp honey 1 tsp salt 6 garlic cloves, mashed to […]

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