The Vietnamese cuisine has a few fresh fish dishes that really makes me happy. The flavors of these dishes excite the imagination and with every first bite I am amazed again about the perfect flavor design. Goi ca, fresh fish salad, is one of them. This dish is very laborious and fresh fish is not always within reach. This can cause very frustrating moments, and then pickled herring are a ‘rescue’. This fusion variant is not comparable with the fresh Goi ca with raw fish, but with herring from a jar or bucket you can quickly satisfy the desire for a fresh fish salad. With the smallest effort you can prepare a delicious lunch or light meal.

Ingredients (about 12 rolls)

  • 400 g of pickled herring (6 pieces), preferably without artificial sweeteners and preservatives. They are less sour.
  • 200 g of oxheart cabbage (amount to taste), cut into strips
  • coriander leaves, chopped or cut into strips
  • mint leaves, chopped or cut into strips
  • chilli, cut into julienne or rings
  • rice paper
  • krupuk, prawn crackers (optional)

Dipping sauce

  • basic fish sauce dipping Nuoc cham
  • ready-made or homemade satay sauce
  • roasted peanuts, chopped
  1. Put some basic fish sauce dipping Nuoc cham in a saucepan and place over low heat. Add some satay sauce (thickness to taste) and stir well until the lumps are dissolved. If you don’t have satay sauce at home, you can also use a generous amount of peanut butter to taste.
  2. In a large bowl, combine oxheart cabbage, coriander, mint and chilli.
  3. Cut the herring into slices, to preferred size. Mix the herring in the vegetables.
  4. Dip each ricepaper sheet in a large bowl of warm water and put on a plate.
  5. Add some of the herring salad on rice paper and roll it up into a nice role.
  6. Put the roasted peanuts in the satay fish sauce dipping and dip the herring rolls in the sauce. It is also good to alternate with prawn crackers. Put some herring salad on crackers and drizzle peanut sauce over it or crumble some crackers in the fresh roll.